Mission Statement

We want to make this lots of fun. We’ve written a whole bunch of songs in a style that sends us back to the mid 60’s R’n’B scene, with a few twists and a modern sensibility. Kind of like “Muddy Waters” meets “Dr John” meets “The Velvet Underground”. Kinda, or “Bo Diddley” meets “The Yardbirds” meets “The Isley Brothers”. Something like that. “Rockin’ Rhythm’n’Blues”. We’re gunna have some fun and hope you’ll come along and join us!   

During a recording session in 2018 while on a break, Stephen put on some YouTube videos. A video from 1962 of Muddy Waters and his band on a tour of England playing “Got My Mojo Working” live on TV came on. It sounded so good, everyone in the studio was listening and really getting into it. It was then that Paul and Stephen decided to form THE LOWDOWN DIRTY MOJOS and focus they’re writing and musical pursuits  to that “Rockin’Rhythm’n’Blues”


  • Paul Wootton & Stephen Foster

“Screamin’Hoodoo’R’n’B” the 1st album from THE LOWDOWN DIRTY MOJOS, 11 great original songs, is a love and respect for a musical form that is as relevant today as it was in the early 60’s. Yes there’s Blues, but it’s way more than that. Paul & Stephen are continually striving to have some fun and champion that sound while adding fresh ways to present it. 

THE LOWDOWN DIRTY MOJOS Facebook page features lots of great graphics, photos, videos & updates on the band. They also feature VINTAGE posters plus videos & posters old & new, to inspire and rekindle that Rockin’Rhythm’n’Blues feel. Join the page and visit it regularly for events and daily LOWDOWN DIRTY MOJOS news.


Paul Wootton & Stephen Foster are the voice and sound of THE LOWDOWN DIRTY MOJOS. They are songwriters who have worked together in the past & have worked with other songwriters & musicians in Southern Ontario. Both bring to the table other creative resources that further contribute to their musical partnership.